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Event Info

6:35am - 10:000am
Turtle Bay Beach Club

19th October 2019

Sprint Distance: 5Km Run, 20Km Bike, 2.5 Km Run

Standard Distance: 10Km, 40Km Bike, 5Km Run

Run 1 ( Standard 10 Kms , Sprint 5 Kms)

The first run is on dirt roads fairly flat and you do 5Kms out and back before going into transition 1.

Transition 1

 The transition will be ONE WAY FLOW. All competitors are required to KEEP LEFT. Interfering with other competitors items is not allowed. Once competitors have taken their bikes, they will be required to PUSH IT TO THE MOUNTING LINE. At the mounting line they will be allowed to get on their bikes and dproceed with the bike leg.

Cycling (30 Kms)

The bike course is a loop of 10 Kms that will be done 4 times for the standard and 2 times for the spirnt.. The ride is on road,  competitors can use any type of bike.

Once on the bike, all traffic rules apply. Most important is the KEEP LEFT rule. Drafting is allowed on the bike leg, but utmost care must be taken to ensure your own safety and that of the other competitors. There will be no water station on the bike route, and no support vehicles will be allowed on the route. Should you want to stop, make sure you do so out of the road so as not to impede other riders. At the end of the bike leg, be sure to dismount before your front wheel touches the dismount line.

Transition 2

All rules same as transition 1. Competitors MUST leave their bikes well racked and upright, all their belongings within their prescribed space. 

Run 2 (Standard 5 Kms, Sprint 2.5 Kms)

 The run begins the moment you leave the transition. it is partly on paved road, some parts on dirt roads before ending on with a stretch on the beach. There will be one water station on the run route.