Cross Triathlon

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Event Info

6:30am - 10:00am
Turtle Bay Beach Club

This national championship event is inspired by the ITU World Multisport Championships which features the cross-triathlon as one of the main events contested. The Cross Triathlon will be on 19th October 2019 and will be run over a distance of 1km Swim, 30Km Bike and 7Km Run.

The Cross-Triathlon event will provide a rare opportunity for budding triathletes to earn bragging rights of being a national champion in the respective Age-Groups as well as provide a pathway for them to attend the iTU Multisport World Championships in Almere, Netherlands in September 2020.

The MTB Course is an out and back 10km loop, the course is not technical but quite rough surface wading through watamu villages

Thousands of villagers will line the course to encourage their competitors while local women groups will keep the runners entertained as they tackle the race in their backyard as resident athletes show you the way around their home turf.

7km Run Route Map

The Race

The Swim

The swim is in the Indian ocean( open water swim), The course is a marked out triangle totalling 500 metres that will be done twice. Triathletes will have to run out of the water at the end of the first loop before going back again to begin the second loop. There will be lifeguards on kayaks throughout the swim course. Wet-suits are not allowed since the water temperatures will be warm enough.


From the swim, competitors will run about 150 metres through the beautiful hotel lawns into the transition. The transition will be ONE WAY FLOW. All competitors are required to KEEP LEFT. Interfering with other competitors items is not allowed. Once competitors have taken their bikes, they will be required to PUSH IT TO THE MOUNTING LINE. At the mounting line they will be allowed to get on their bikes and proceed with the bike leg. When you return after completing your bike leg, all rules apply; same as transition. Most importantly, competitors MUST leave their bikes well racked and upright, all their belongings within their prescribed space.

The Bike

The bike course is an off-road out-and-back rough road loop of 10Kms that will be done 3 times. All triathletes will be required to use mountain bikes. There's no vehicular traffic on this course but there will be motorbike boda bodas using this road especially during the day, so all athletes are encouraged to be careful on the days before the race as there will be no officials on the course. Most important is the KEEP LEFT rule. Drafting is allowed on the bike leg, but utmost care must be taken to ensure your own safety and that of the other competitors. There will be no water station on the bike route, and no support vehicles will be allowed on the route. Should you want to stop, make sure you do so out of the road so as not to impede other riders. At the end of the bike leg, be sure to dismount before your front wheel touches the dismount line.

MTB Bike Elevation Chart

The Swim

The run begins the moment you leave the transition. it is partly on paved road, some parts on dirt roads before ending on with a stretch on the beach. There will be one water station on the run route. The route cross-section is as below

Cross Triathlon Run Elevation Chart

Water Points:

Waba Drinking Water and Energy Drinks will be provided throughout the race in 300ml or 500ml water bottles, while Coca-Cola will be served in 100ml Coke cups. In addition, potatoes, bananas, water melons and other “morale boosters” will be available at some stations. Where possible, the stations will be manned from both sides of the road but the stations are well spread out to ensure that everyone is catered for. There will be fill-up stations available at the start of the following refreshment stations.

Medical Information:

There will be 1 medical station bike and run route. There will be a standby nurse and doctor adjacent to the finish line. Should a participant end up in hospital, the hospital expenses shall be met by the runner and not the organization.

Age-Group Classification

All participants will be awarded points according to their Age-Groups. 16 - 20, 20 - 24, 25 - 29, 30 - 34 etc....

Qualifier Events

Other qualifier events